Interior Wood Finishing Products

We work with professional cabinet and furniture manufacturing, specialty contractors, and  other wood industry experts across Southern California to find and share with  you specialized products, tools, and supplies we have found to  help you with your projects. We are experienced manufacturer  representatives of several fine wood coatings  products.

Our Products  Solutions for every interior wood finishing application

Nitrocellulose Coatings    Clear and pigmented

Pre-Catalyzed Coatings   Clear and pigmented

Conversion Varnishes       Clear and pigmented

Waterborne Coatings        Clear and pigmented

Stains Wiping and Spray Stains

Color Services Color Matching | Formulations of Any Kind

Accessory Products
Norton Sandpaper | Warwick Spray Guns | Wood Bleach | Spray Booth Filters | Acetone | Lacquer Spray Cans


275 VOC Lacquers | Nitrocellulose Lacquer | Water White Lacquer| Sanding Sealer | Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer | Non-Stearated Sanding Sealer | Vinyl Sealer | Catalyzed Varnish | Pre-Catalyzed Primer| White Undercoat primer | Black Undercoat primer | White Lacquer | Black Lacquer | Custom Color Wood Stains | Oil Stains | Acetone Stains | NGR stains | Toners | Custom Color Lacquer | UTC colorants | Waterborne Lacquer | Lacquer Retarder | Waterbased Lacquer | Waterborne Sealer